Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction: Find the Right Solution

Fat “kills” sex. Experts of My Canadian Pharmacy say: if the male weight exceeds the ideal by 15%, then there is sexual inhibition. “Overweight, as well as fasting as a way to get rid of it, significantly reduce the potency. Fatty tissue “burns” hormones, so excess weight gives an increased loading on the heart, blood vessels and muscles. This aspect contributes to the problem of sexual relations.

That’s why a man who wants to strengthen his intimate abilities, should monitor his weight, eat healthy food, and in a moderate amount.

The Harm of Vegetarian Food

Some products negatively affect the potency. One of the terrible enemies of man’s power is alcohol in any of its manifestations. It clouds the mind, while at the same time adversely affects the centers of the spinal cord, which are responsible for erection and ejaculation.ED and Obesity