Male Potency after 50: How to Increase Men’s Power?

How to increase potency after 50How to increase potency after 50-60 years? This is a very common question. After all, every representative of the stronger sex wants to remain confident in his abilities at any age. Before eliminating male sexual problems, you should understand erectile dysfunction causes.

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  • Male potency after 50: what to start with?
  • How to improve potency after 50?
  • Men in their 60s: how to increase potency with drugs?

Male potency after 50: what to start with?

Men over the age of 50 are often interested in the question – how to get erection. To begin with, it is necessary to understand erectile dysfunction risk factors in men over the age of 50.

  • The main reason is the low level of sex hormones. It is worth noting that at the age of 30 men experience a gradual decline in testosterone production. You can not stop this process, however, you can slow it down sufficiently. At the age of 20, the decrease in hormone production is noteless, but after 50 such a decline is manifested more strongly. Read other causes of erectile dysfunction in young males;
  • The second reason is narrowing of the vessels. The older the person grows, the less elastic and narrow the vessels become. As a result, blood begins to circulate more slowly, reducing potency, as blood gets worse in the sexual organ;
  • An important role in this case is played by cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol accumulates on the walls of the vessels, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Male potency after 50 can be also reduced by prostatitis, urethritis and other diseases;
  • Remember, lack of physical activity, incorrect way of life, bad habits contribute to reduction of men’s power.