How to Prolong Ejaculation?

Causes and TreatmentHow to prolong sexual act? Many representatives of the stronger sex and their beautiful partners suffer from premature ejaculation. Besides, such a phenomenon can affect the confidence of a man. Unfortunately, such failures can lead to prolonged depression and constant stresses. However, there are various methods and tips that wll help answer the quaetion of how to stop premature ejaculation and increase duration of sexual intercourse.

In the article:

  • How to prolong ejaculation: should we do it?
  • What determines duration of sex?
  • How to prolong ejaculation: general tips;
  • Premature ejaculation natural remedies;
  • Premature ejaculation pills.

How to prolong ejaculation: should we do it?

Some men believe that you need to learn to delay ejaculation to increase duration of sexual intercourse. Yes, it is possible, this method will be effective in some cases, but before using this method, make sure to learn all possible negative consequences. Sexologists determine the main problem of men who come to get advice – they lack self-confidence.

Patients complain that they can not have sex as long as the heroes of porn movies. In fact, duration of sexual intercourse which is demonstrated in such films occurs extremely rarely. This is not the rule, but an exception. The average duration of sexual intercourse makes 7 minutes.

This proved a sufficient duration for both women and men. Prolonged sexual intercourse was considered boring by many interviewed women.

If you still do not like such a duration of sex, you can use various techniques to prolong ejaculation.

What determines duration of sex?

Factors that influence duration of sex

Before eliminating the problem of premature ejaculation, it is necessary to understand what affects the processes in the male body.

  • First of all, duration of sexual intercourse is affected by the age of the partner. According to statistics, duration of sexual intercourse is gradually increasing by the age of 30. After the age of 40, duration begins to decline;
  • An important factor is the rhythm in sexual life. This includes regular sex and masturbation. Some experts agree that regular sexual life increases duration of sexual intercourse. Every next sex will be a little longer than the previous one. At the same time, prolonged abstinence from sex is the reason for a sharp reduction in duration of sex;
  • The period of excitement also influences duration of sex. The shorter the period of excitement is, the longer sexual intercourse will last;
  • Another important point – duration of sex will be shorter, if your sexual partner is a very attractive and sexy woman. This is a completely normal natural process.

How to prolong ejaculation: general tips

If you do not know how to prolong sexuall act, use the following recommendations. They will help you control yourself and come to the final not as quickly as usual:

  • Do sports. If you keep yourself in good shape, it makes you much more confident, and, in addition, this activity significantly reduces sexual tension. Even if you can not spend much time hiking in the gym, take at least half an hour a day for daily potency exercise. Pay attention to Kegel exercises for men. They will help significantly strengthen the muscles, as a result, you can better control your body. Do not neglect imbuildingom. Such simple exercises can be done at home;
  • You may increase duration of sexual intercourse by changing a sexual pose. You can distract a little, concentrate not on the process itself but on abstract things. This will help you reduce your sexual arousal a bit;
  • You can use the famous Taoist technique to prolong sexual act: when you approach orgasm, perform two small frictions, after which it is necessary to penetrate smoothly and deeply into the partner’s vagina.

Premature ejaculation natural remedies

If you like the methods of traditional medicine in premature ejaculation treatment, you can take advantage of these tips. To lower the sensitivity of the penis, you can use menthol or peppermint – natural anesthetics.

  • Everyone knows that tea with raspberry and currant leaves can defeat the common cold. However, this drink has one more magic property. Feliamine, which is contained in the leaves of these plants, can lower the sensitivity of the penis and prolong ejaculation.
  • A similar effect can be obtained from the decoction of the blue cornflower. You will need one teaspoon of petals, which should be poured with one glass of boiling water. Wait for 10 minutes and drink the broth half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Premature ejaculation pills

Dapoxetine Viagra Super ForceHow to prolong sexual act with medicines? You can use premature ejaculation spray or cream. They are simple to use. These drugs have no contraindications and side effects used in the correct dosage.

The only warning – before using premature ejaculation creams or sprays, you need to make sure you have no allergy to the components.

Viagra Super Force with Dapoxetine is considered the best drug for premature ejaculation treatment. Clinical trials proved that the active substances Dapoxetine allows to control ejaculation process. The action of the drug lasts 12 hours.

Viagra Super Force with Dapoxetine can be used in combination with other erectile dysfunction drugs, for example: Cialis, Levitra, Viagra. Thus, you can get a full pleasure from sexual intercourse.

Viagra affects smooth muscles, relaxes them and stimulates blood flow. In this case, Dapoxetine reduces tension, eliminates psychological barriers and serves as an antidepressant. You can buy the best drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment online at affordable prices.

There are different methods of how to prolonging sexual act. Everyone can choose the most acceptable one. But remember, do not experiment with your health – consult a doctor before using various premature ejaculation medications or decoctions.