Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction: Find the Right Solution

Fat “kills” sex. Experts of My Canadian Pharmacy say: if the male weight exceeds the ideal by 15%, then there is sexual inhibition. “Overweight, as well as fasting as a way to get rid of it, significantly reduce the potency. Fatty tissue “burns” hormones, so excess weight gives an increased loading on the heart, blood vessels and muscles. This aspect contributes to the problem of sexual relations.

That’s why a man who wants to strengthen his intimate abilities, should monitor his weight, eat healthy food, and in a moderate amount.

The Harm of Vegetarian Food

Some products negatively affect the potency. One of the terrible enemies of man’s power is alcohol in any of its manifestations. It clouds the mind, while at the same time adversely affects the centers of the spinal cord, which are responsible for erection and ejaculation.ED and Obesity

Male Potency after 50: How to Increase Men’s Power?

How to increase potency after 50How to increase potency after 50-60 years? This is a very common question. After all, every representative of the stronger sex wants to remain confident in his abilities at any age. Before eliminating male sexual problems, you should understand erectile dysfunction causes.

In the article:

  • Male potency after 50: what to start with?
  • How to improve potency after 50?
  • Men in their 60s: how to increase potency with drugs?

Male potency after 50: what to start with?

Men over the age of 50 are often interested in the question – how to get erection. To begin with, it is necessary to understand erectile dysfunction risk factors in men over the age of 50.

  • The main reason is the low level of sex hormones. It is worth noting that at the age of 30 men experience a gradual decline in testosterone production. You can not stop this process, however, you can slow it down sufficiently. At the age of 20, the decrease in hormone production is noteless, but after 50 such a decline is manifested more strongly. Read other causes of erectile dysfunction in young males;
  • The second reason is narrowing of the vessels. The older the person grows, the less elastic and narrow the vessels become. As a result, blood begins to circulate more slowly, reducing potency, as blood gets worse in the sexual organ;
  • An important role in this case is played by cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol accumulates on the walls of the vessels, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Male potency after 50 can be also reduced by prostatitis, urethritis and other diseases;
  • Remember, lack of physical activity, incorrect way of life, bad habits contribute to reduction of men’s power.

How to Prolong Ejaculation?

Causes and TreatmentHow to prolong sexual act? Many representatives of the stronger sex and their beautiful partners suffer from premature ejaculation. Besides, such a phenomenon can affect the confidence of a man. Unfortunately, such failures can lead to prolonged depression and constant stresses. However, there are various methods and tips that wll help answer the quaetion of how to stop premature ejaculation and increase duration of sexual intercourse.

In the article:

  • How to prolong ejaculation: should we do it?
  • What determines duration of sex?
  • How to prolong ejaculation: general tips;
  • Premature ejaculation natural remedies;
  • Premature ejaculation pills.

How to prolong ejaculation: should we do it?

Some men believe that you need to learn to delay ejaculation to increase duration of sexual intercourse. Yes, it is possible, this method will be effective in some cases, but before using this method, make sure to learn all possible negative consequences. Sexologists determine the main problem of men who come to get advice – they lack self-confidence.

Patients complain that they can not have sex as long as the heroes of porn movies. In fact, duration of sexual intercourse which is demonstrated in such films occurs extremely rarely. This is not the rule, but an exception. The average duration of sexual intercourse makes 7 minutes.

This proved a sufficient duration for both women and men. Prolonged sexual intercourse was considered boring by many interviewed women.

If you still do not like such a duration of sex, you can use various techniques to prolong ejaculation.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Describes the Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

The erection belongs to the factor reflecting condition of male mental and physical health. Erection violations in various degree are experienced by each man even if several times in life. The stress, various diseases, problems in the relations with the woman, troubles at work and etc. are the reasons of violations emergence. Many preparations for erection increase help with the solution of these problems.

Erectile dysfunction develops at the healthy man as a result of the use of big portion of alcohol, some narcotic and medical supplies, can just arise from nervous tension or fatigue. Some men hold the wrong opinion that the erection can be full, or at all to be absent – that is, there is no intermediate link between these states. But it isn’t true.

sexual intercourse

It is possible to have sexual intercourse even if erection is weak moreover you may improve erection with medicines of Canadian Health&Care Mall. The man can test an orgasm during sex and with insufficiently firm carvenous body. If the erection is absent as a result of alcohol intake, then it is vain to worry because alcohol at some people oppresses an erection, and at others, on the contrary, raises sexual desire.

Is it possible to raise an erection psychologically?

For this purpose it is necessary to pay attention to male psychological state. The stress is the main reason of erection lack. Therefore it is necessary to improve a psychological state of the man gradually: to help him with difficult situations, various ways to distract from bad thoughts.
It is possible to raise an erection with the help of other ways:

  • Physical activity is necessary for erection improvement. It is necessary to bring in a daily routine surely walking by a fast pace as the movement interferes with stagnation of blood in pelvic area. Doctors recommend to pass up to 3 km in day.
  • Morning sex is suitable for erection strengthening. Exactly in the mornings at an organism there is the greatest number of sex hormones therefore the erection is strongest at this time.
  • Walking barefoot. Foot contains a large number of the nervous terminations which are responsible for sexual excitement. To stimulate these terminations walking helps. This exercise should be spent at home, it is recommended to massage feet with the easy movements.
  • Well the regular contrast shower influences blood circulation. For this purpose it is necessary to water area of basin in turn with cool and warm water. It will lead to strengthening of blood inflow to carveous body, and good blood circulations in genital provides a stable erection.
  • Perhaps the most useful means for an erection is regular sex. At the same time the organism reflex reacts to excitement. The man will be excited easier again and again.

Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that there are cases when you cannot achieve the significant erection to carry out the sexual intercourse. But you may order Viagra, Cialis or Levitra to revive your confidence in sex because this confidence will be useful in satisfactory of both partners.

Viagra at affordable price from the Canadian Health and Care Mall

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Sexual life

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Should I buy?

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Canadian Health&Care Mall about the First Fear of Each Man

First place among man’s fears is won by impotence. One-two “misfires” in a bed and the mechanism of sexual neurosis is also ready to start. Uncertainty in the forces is aggravated when the man doesn’t understand the reasons of the failures, doesn’t hurry on a meeting with the sexopathologist when near him there is an impatient partner with the overestimated expectations. Do not be involved in such troubles as sexual neurosis because Canadian Health Care Mall may solve your problems making you self-confident in this matter.

Actually, problems with an erection can arise at every man from time to time, including, the young man. The reasons of failures are well studied, and the expert can distinguish true impotence from imaginary.

casual sex

Level of your Erection and your Way of Life

If your age doesn’t exceed 35 years, and you are already disturbed by failures of erection, begin fight for own male full value with simple actions:

  • ensure a full-fledged sleep (not less than 7-8 hours a day);
  • neutralize professional and social stresses by means of physical activities;
  • protect the vessels from excess of cholesterol, alcohol, nicotine (health of a reproductive system depends on full blood circulation);
  • always use means of protection at casual sex (sexually transmitted infections – one of the reasons of the diseases reducing erectile function);
  • pay attention to by-effects from medicine which you take;
  • you aren’t lazy – have sex regularly;
  • be not too serious (laughing therapy is one of modern means to increase the level of testosterone).

Testosterone may also be produced by the artificial methods. Canadian Health Care Mall recommends to take special preparations replacing testosterone hormone to provide the sufficient erection to carry out the sexual intercourse. We are sure you will be satisfied with the result achieved by our medications.

The Best Assistants in the Solution of Sexual Problems

The subject of male insolvency is delicate and painful, but you shouldn’t become reserved, to endure the failures alone. At least two persons are interested in that erectile function is remained up to standard – your partner and your sexopathologist. Together with them you will overcome all difficulties.

It is the greatest mistake of a partner of a man suffering from erectile dysfunction not to support the person in such a difficult situation. That’s why be attentive to your partner and you will together overcome all the obstacles.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Sex Therapy As the Method of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Is Sex Therapy Effective?

Sex therapy is most effective when the partner agrees to be part of treatment. Researches have shown that men at treatment with the partner solve all the problems in 50-70% of cases with the erectile dysfunction caused by stress. Consultation visit yields the worst results. Sex therapy will be useless if you stop visiting the doctor after the first attendance. Sometimes several sessions of sex therapy before medicamentous or surgical influence can restore composure. The doctor can help couple to come to the uniform decision concerning treatment or a different way of the solution of problems in a bed. Consultation visit is enough to learn how to speak with the partner about such ways of erectile dysfunction treatment as injections in carvenous body or the vacuum pump.

sex therapy

Whether the Insurance Covers Sex Therapy?

Some options of an insurance really cover sex therapy. Having chosen the therapist, address him to learn about a possibility of your insurance to cover his services. If there is no opportunity, then the therapist can establish the price of the services. Sex therapy clinics cost cheaper, than certain therapists, and usually full course of treatment costs differently, depending on a problem and the speed of its solution. You may easily command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall to provide yourself with everything necessary for treatment after been examined.

How to Find the Sexologist?

Address to hospital in the place of residence or any private hospital to learn about presence of this expert. Also, your doctor can prompt where this type of the therapist is available.

As Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that sex therapy is the basical method of erectile dysfunction treatment. If you are ready to solve all your men’s problems you are welcome on our website. You will find there a lot of useful information, articles about erectile dysfunction and its methods of treatment. As it was mentioned above sex therapy becomes the first step in erectile dysfunction overcoming. You may start taking remedies directed to bear this disorder, to revive your life and to make it possible to create strong alliance.

Do not be ashamed because impotency is a disorder damaging 50-60% of men over 60 years old and 20-30% of men over 30-40 years old worldwide. Even there are cases when young men under 20 years old may find out the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction should be treated but not beared. You cannot eat the leeks with the loss of erection. Revive your sexual life utilizing all the possible methods.