Canadian Health&Care Mall: Ventolin or Salbutamol

In case of a serious attack of bronchial asthma (which can happen anywhere and when necessary, suddenly and often without the reason), it is necessary to apply already measures of not supporting therapy, and emergency aid.

In a situation with an instant inflammation in airways (hypostasis, forcing of slime and bronchospasm) there is no different way quickly and effectively to facilitate breath to the turned blue and choking child except how to deliver strong bronchodilator means in his airways. The best way to make it besides to use an inhaler which allows the smallest particles of medicine to reach in seconds the struck area in bronchial tubes. And one of the most effective and checked preparations for the emergency help at an attack of bronchial asthma at children is an aerosol salbutamol. Albuterol is an active constituent part of Ventolin which may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.


Salbutamol to appoint has the right only the doctor, but to use it any parent whose child is sick with bronchial asthma has to be able.
However, it is correct to make a breath when pressing an inhaler (at the time of puff it is necessary to inhale deeply that medicine has reached bronchial tubes) not all children are capable — kids approximately till 5-6 years can’t usually make it yet. But also these babies have bronchial asthma too!

Special inhalers are nebulizers which are developed for such children. Besides, at treatment of kids the so-called spacer devices are quite often used. These devices are some kind of transitional element between an inhaler (which is inserted in a spacer device) and the child.

As a rule, one puff of an inhaler provides one dose of medicine. At an attack of bronchial asthma to the child with symptoms of asthma each 10 minutes enter 2-4 doses of a preparation — until his state doesn’t improve and he doesn’t begin to breathe freely. If the preparation doesn’t help and obvious improvements don’t happen – it is a reason for the emergency hospitalization.

Also be not afraid to use inhalers in the conditions of an attack! Even if to puff a bronchodilator (like salbutamol – Ventolin ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall) on 4 doses each 10 minutes within an hour (the child of any age) — overdose won’t be. Such mode is approved and recommended to whom at emergency aid in case of an attack of bronchial asthma.

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