Looking to Enlarge Your Penis?

loves sexEveryone loves sex, isn’t it? The need or urge to have sex is something which is really deeply embedded in our DNA. No wonder, it is strongly related to our evolution. However, in this age of internet, where exposure to adult content is too much, a lot of males remain worried about their penis size. They wonder what on earth makes the penises of porn stars so huge! So, are you worried about your penis size? Are you looking for answers related to aumento do penis?

But, what matters more, the length of a penis, or its girth? Well, surveys and even researches show that fatter penises are more satisfying to women. In other words, women feel more pleasure when the penis is more thick or fat. Yes, length does not matter as much as the girth. And, the reason behind is that a fat penis is able to create more friction inside the vagina, by rubbing the inner walls of the vagina more vigorously. In fact, some women have also reported that longer penises are somewhat tiring and painful. So, more importance should be given to the thickness or the girth of your penis, rather than to its length.

As a matter of fact, the vaginal width of most women remains between 2 and 2.5 inches. Therefore, it means that if your penis is at least 4 inches in girth then you will certainly be able to satisfy your sex partner easily. So, what are the effective ways to aumento do penis? Well, below are some of the effective methods you can consider for penis enlargement:

  • Pills
  • Weights
  • Patches
  • Pumps
  • Exercises
  • Surgery
  • Extenders

Each option mentioned above for penis enlargement has its own merits and demerits. Therefore, you must consult an expert or a doctor before trying anyone of them.