Elo: chronicles and history of the ratings system

We have all heard of elo ratings systems and many of us possess in depth knowledge on the topic. This was however not that easy for the inventor of this method of rankings as he had to think of everything that we know, from scratch and create a model ranking system that was better than what most people were used to in those times. Arpad elo, who is credited with the invention of this ranking system, was no less than a genius when it comes to elo rating system.

elo rating system

If you are one of those people who play the game ‘League of Legends’ and looking to buy elo, there are certain facts you may find your interests vested in. the basic history of this system is that elo discovered it after he was unsatisfied with the loopholes in other such systems of place and rank calculations in the game of chess. Being a chess fanatic that he was and including his skills as a physics scientist, he formed what is a mathematical formula for calculating the probability of wins and losses.

This predictability is the soul of this ratings system, the reason why it is so different from other such systems. The United States chess federation used a ratings system given by Kenneth harkness, but since Arpad found it to be unfair at many points, he received the nod to find a better system on behalf of the federation. This is when after years of vigorous research he implemented the elo ratings system.

The federation implemented Arpad elo’s ratings system in the year 1960 and since then it has been the basic system used all over the world. Although new reforms are underway to help simplify and make elo ratings system more predictive, it is still one of the most unbiased systems in the world. Therefore, buy elo and shine in your favorite game of chess!