Step Out To Find Out

Step Out To Find OutMany of us will stay in our safe environments to avoid fear and worry. When you back off from experiencing something challenging – it will temporarily relieve the anxiety and discomfort. However, I want you to seriously consider the price you pay when you back away from life’s challenges. Not only will it impact your self-esteem and confidence – you will feel a sense of powerlessness, frustration and unfulfillment. You sabotage your chance at change, success and happiness. To be brutally honest – if you don’t allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone, you pretty well guarantee yourself an uneventful and mundane life. Is this a price worth paying for the temporary escape from fear and anxiety? Unfortunately, most of us are far too willing to pay this dear price, simply to avoid discomfort and possible ridicule from others.

One step at a time..

In all honestly, Life does not reward those who refuse to expose themselves to difficulty. The degree of accomplishment you attain in your life is related to your willingness to be uncomfortable and take risks. In order to succeed in anything (work or personal), you have to take action despite fear. Most people focus on the possibility of the negative outcome such as failure, ridicule or rejection. When you should focus on a positive outcome. When you adopt a different outlook when confronting an anxiety-producing situation you allow yourself to grow into a more confident person.

Every one of us has our own non-threatening comfort zone. These barriers are familiar routines and part of everyday life. When faced with any activities and situations outside of the safe barrier – we experience anxiety and become uncomfortable. We tend to make excuses and in the end, avoid the challenge.

As we know from past experience, the fear and anxiety that we build up before a new challenge is usually greatly exaggerated. When we do the feared activity, we learn that it is not as frightening or difficult as we had expected. We tend to go through life doing what is most comfortable for us and what feels safe – but how many opportunities are we letting slip by because we do not want to feel uncomfortable? We are unwilling to step out and take the risk in order to achieve our dreams.

When you push through temporary fear and anxiety by taking action in one area of your life, you will develop additional confidence in other areas. I encourage you to face your fears – step out and do something different today.