Living Free

Living FreeI recently crossed paths with an old school friend who I haven’t seen in over 25 years. We worked together on a project, so during those few months we enjoyed reminiscing about the good ole days and catching up on each other’s lives. After a few weeks of spending a lot of quality time together, she said something that totally threw me off guard and surprised me. Telling me that there was something different about me – something unique that she doesn’t usually see in other people. Telling me that I appear to be Free – that I carry myself as if I’m weightless – no baggage or drama from my past. Radiating happiness and appear to be content with my life, open/approachable and I don’t seem to have any ulterior-motives or expect anything in return.

Wow, I was’t expecting that HUGE compliment and was really in awe by her observation of me and my life. To be honest, I never really put much thought into how I’m perceived by those I come in contact with. But to have someone tell me that I appear to be “Free” is certainly a compliment that I gladly accept and appreciate. I guess the last 15 years and counting of being on a “letting go to find Me” journey is showing its true colors and is evident to those who are open to see it.

What I know for sure about Living Free:

  • You are not fully Free until you reach a point in your Life when you no longer feel the need to prove anything or impress others.
  • We make life more complicated then it really is.
  • Happiness is living a purposeful life and being true to your authentic self.
  • When you find yourself in a useless battle – you just simply walk off the battlefield.
  • To move forward and allow change, you must let go of old beliefs, habits and thoughts – unlearn the many things that you’ve spent your entire life learning.
  • Letting go of all anxiety, stress, anger, grudges and resentment means that you are Freeing yourself up for many Blessings that are in store for you.
  • You are what you think – your outer world becomes a reflection of your inner world.
  • You must Believe and have Faith that your present and future holds the best days of your life.
  • You attract what you put out: Learn to release the need to “control” everything in your life.
  • Let yourself become Spiritually open to allow all good things to flow into your life.
  • Trust in your instincts and God’s nature to guide you. Stop trying to make everything happen according to what you think should happen. Let things happen and unfold according to the natural flow of life.
  • Living one’s life with an attitude of gratitude.
  • It’s not possible to move towards what you want when you aren’t grateful for what you already have.
  • Letting go of your hurts, pain, resentment & unforgiveness is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself and share with others.