2011 – The Year of the Itsy Bitsy Goals

Bitsy GoalsNo more unrealistic, over the top, one BIG fat resolution for me this year. It’s the year of the “itsy bitsy’s” – setting small and aiming high.

I’m starting the year off by slowly integrating healthy eating habits back into my lifestyle, set out to find the perfect workout program that will kick-start my mojo, which has been lagging the last year. Other little goals I plan to tackle: be more patient when things don’t work out as planned, commit to my promise of cooking a meal once a week (I guess my hubby does deserve a night off). As days, weeks and months unfold, there will be lots more teeny weeny meaningful goals that will be added to my list of everyday simple changes that make a difference.
It’s all about setting small achievable goals instead of one big “all or nothing” resolution that ends being a flop within the first few weeks of the New Year.

Small steps to big rewards…

Why is it that every year we make one big resolution on the first day of the year and try to convince ourselves that we can hold on and not break this one goal for the next 364 days? We often forget that it’s the little changes that make the biggest impact.

Having one big goal in mind is great but it quickly becomes demotivating if it takes too long to get there. By setting small achievable goals, it helps build a sense of accomplishment and provide incentive to keep moving in the right direction so it will be easier to claim the big prize.

This year make your goal setting easy and simple. Instead of making that one big goal that you know will crumble within a few weeks, set up small goals that you can quickly and easily achieve. Here are some samples: promise yourself that you’ll make an effort to become more health conscious, organize or redecorate that room in your house that you keep putting off or get the courage to go back to school to take those courses that will help you get that promotion you’ve been wanting.

By setting small goals this New Year your chances of success are much higher than having one large goal. Not only will you be able to measure how you’re doing, you can use the goals as a means to know where you are on the journey.

Lets make 2011 the year of taking healthy and realisic baby steps to a better you.

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you. – unknown-