Presents or Presence?

Presents or PresenceEvery year at Christmas time I make a conscious effort to trim a little bit extra from my yuletide consumerism. To me, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, celebrating the Holy Season and giving to those who are in need. I like to think of it as taking an holistic approach to the Christmas season –spending less and giving more.

Less is more…

Often times our joy gets lost in consumerism this time of year as it often overshadows the true meaning of Christmas. So are you ready to take Christmas back? Would you like to return the joy this holiday season by spending less and giving more? Then why not give the gift of your time. Time is the real gift that Christmas offers us and no matter how hard we look it can’t be found at the mall.

Christmas is a time of giving and most of us get in the charitable mood around the holidays. Many organizations in your community are just as happy to have you help out. So instead of writing a check out to your favorite charity or a church, why not consider donating your time instead.

Whether or not you have a lot of money or material possessions, its important to be a generous person with your time. Look for ways to give the gift of your time: a church, charitable organization, soup kitchen or a nursing home.

This time of year is also great way to introduce your kids or grandkids to the great world of volunteering. Kids love the holiday season, so this Christmas season is a great time to teach them the joys of both receiving and giving gifts. Its the perfect time to show a child how to spread that warmth by helping others. Yes, it’s great for the needy, but it’s even better for your child. Children love being helpful (it makes them feel grown-up), and volunteering gives them the chance to experience the deeply rewarding payoff that comes from making someone else happy. It makes them feel good about themselves knowing that they are making a difference.

Don’t wait until New Year’s resolution to start volunteering, now is the time to give the gift of your Presence.