The Power in Giving

Giving The subway is a good place to sit and daydream – get caught up in your own little world as the commuters fight over seats and personal space. One day I was feeling very down and depressed. I didn’t enjoy my job, was mourning the recent death of my brother and was very concerned about the direction my life was taking. I was broke and constantly worried about how I was going to pay my bills. As I sit and stew in my misery, I happen to glance across from where I was sitting to see a woman crying as she stares out the subway window. As I continued to watch her, she’d rummage through her purse – digging out what looked like pennies. She slowly counted the few coins as tears streamed down her face, then turn to continue staring out the window – trying hard not to attract attention. I couldn’t help but wonder about her life. Who was she? What events took place that got her here – among strangers who are oblivious to her existence? I felt so much empathy for her – thinking to myself “I might be having a temporary setback in my life but there are lots of souls out there who have it tougher than I do.”

As she got up and stood beside where I was sitting, waiting for her stop – I reached across and shoved my last $10 bill in her hand. Startled, she looked down at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I just left my abusive husband and I’m on my way to a shelter”. I looked into her eyes, smiled and said, “Take care of your self.” She smiled and said thank you and stepped off.
Here I am with not a cent in my bank account giving away my last $10.00. Crazy? Yes, but I felt like I was rich because it brought me so much joy to give away something that will benefit someone else who was in need. I did it because I wanted to – not because I thought I had to.

We often hear of the popular saying “It’s better to give than to receive”. But do we really know the hidden meaning that lies within this self-less act known as “giving”? When you give something from your “heart” without expecting anything in return, you release a powerful force that will trigger your good deed to “bounce” back to you in some amazing ways.
I believe that whatever you impart to others will come back to you a hundred fold. You are doing yourself a big favour by helping someone in need. Even doing the smallest acts of generosity without expecting anything in returns will bring good energy into your life.

When you give without wanting anything back, it opens up your heart to an enhanced sense of peace, love and joy. Giving without expectations will elevate your personal awareness of others. As a result you will feel filled with compassion and gratitude.

Give without any expectation of rewards. Give unconditionally. Give because you are happy doing it.