A Life’s Portrait

Life’s Portrait“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream” – Vincent Van Gogh

Don’t just dream with your eyes – see it with your feelings. Our senses come alive when entering into a new world of inspiration. It can lead you in a direction of painting a picture that you never thought possible or even imagined.

Life is like a painting – it’s within your power to create your very own masterpiece. Like all true artists, different things on different days will inspire you – go ahead and let yourself brush up against inspiration.

Cover your canvas in endless hues of possibilities – there are no limits to what you can create. Paint in every direction and feel and see the larger sense of life, letting your imagination take you wherever you want to go. Be in awe of what you bring to life – in what you see and what you feel.

Live by your own definition

Most of us spend our lives playing it safe, staying within the lines because uniqueness is not always rewarded but conformity is. It’s easy to paint by number – following someone else’s dream but what fun would that be? Don’t undervalue your abilities – there are natural talents waiting to be discovered. It’s time to move forward in creating your own original masterpiece.

Be careful who you reveal your paintings to – critics are waiting to tell you that your colors are too bright – that you should water them down. Telling you that your painting is worthless and may even want to stomp on it. It doesn’t matter what others may think – it’s your interpetation of what you see and feel. So challenge the direction that others try to force you to paint in when you know it’s not the path you should be on.

When you stand back to look at what you are creating, what do you see? What do you feel? Is it any good you may ask? Look beyond the paint and open your mind because our dreams are like works of art – there are no wrong answers. What makes it good or bad, only you decide.