OWN Your Power

OWN Your PowerSome people guess that being strengthening is a unfavourable thing. Owning your strength is having the bravery to reveal as your full and true self, without excuses, without taking back about who you are and what you wish.

Finding balanced power…

Everyone has individual power, but many people select not to utilize it or are anxious about it. Taking your individual power implies being willing to take individul duty for your life. Any time we give our strength away we constrict our selections and ourselves. Many of us have a belief that it is easier to just keep our mouths shut and go along with someone else’s program in a matter to disturb public order, but the truth is that you are applying all your power away to that person.

Utilize and nurture your personal strength when you:

  • Speak your truth even if it isn’t popular;
  • Learn to say “No” and mean it;
  • Stand up for yourself, no matter what;
  • Stand on the courage of your convictions;
  • Find your voice – ask for what you need and want.

“You give your power away when you make someone or something outside of you more important than what is inside of you.” – unknown