I want my OWN show, Eh!

OWN show

“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Unknown

Early June I chased after my ultimate dream. I auditioned for my OWN show – Yes, that’s right!…I took a HUGE leap of faith in the hopes of working with my mentor, Oprah. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that presented itself and I jumped in.

Some of you may know that I’m Canadian and wonder how the heck I managed to audition when the Eligibility rules say that I must be living in 1 of the 50 US states. Well, after reading the list of requirements – Rule #X111 states: Producer reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or amend any or all of the eligibility requirements set forth above at any time. Bingo! This was the loophole I was looking for.

Not being one to back away from a challenge and staying true to my non-conformist ways, I ignored the rules and went ahead and uploaded my audition using my brother’s zip code who happens to live in Hazelwood, Missouri. To better my chances, I waited until June 25th, the day before the contest closed before submitting my online application – in the hopes that my audition would generate interest from the judges so they would “consider” bending the one rule that stands in my way. Just to let you know…I don’t have a criminal record and I can legally work in the U.S.A.
My audition wasn’t full of bells and whistles..there was no special effects, music or grand lighting..just me pouring my heart and soul out to the camera. I envisioned that I had Mark Burnett cornered in an elevator and he was giving me two minutes to pitch my show idea.

So did I get a call? I think it’s best to leave it up to you to figure that one out.

Tune in January 2011 to the Oprah Winfrey Network to see the top 10 finalists battle it out for their OWN show.

P.S. The finalists were not based on highest overall online votes.
Here’s the link to my audition. http://bit.ly/aBTHrx