Life’s Turning Points

Life’s Turning Points A few days ago I received a call from a client who shared with me the great news that she has reached a Turning Point where she has decided to start a new chapter in her life by moving 4000 miles away from her comfort zone to live with her son and his family.

The decision didn’t come easy to this 56-year old woman who has been living in a black hole for the last 10 years. Tired of living in her misery and pain, she knew she had to make drastic changes in order to break out of her negative cycle. She is longing to fill the gaping hole in her chest from many years of living in a state of constant fear, anxiety and panic.

At the end of her rope and hanging on by a thread, she hit her rock bottom after sinking into a deep depression, the kind where there is no way to go but up. Everything reached a turning point when she prayed for a way out. She found the strength and courage to start looking at her life and search for ways out of her self-made nightmare.

She still has a lot of work ahead of her but she’s back in the driver’s seat of creating her own happiness and is excited about her new beginnings. She is ready to see what life will bring her.

Forced decisions

Turning Points come to us in times of crisis whether it be medical, spiritual, financial, professional – to force us to make changes. They come to us when something in our world has gone so wrong that everything else seems to be out of focus.

They creep in when you begin to realize that you’re no longer content with your life. When you say enough is enough and you are in a desperate state to make the choice/decision to change your life in some drastic way.

We all have those moments when clarity hits us and we know that what we’ve been doing, or haven’t been doing, is no longer enough. It’s like you’re standing at a fork in the road, looking left then right, but not moving because we can’t decide which road to take.

Years of suppressed feelings, anxiety, fears eventually bubble up to the top – catching your attention long enough for you to feel discomfort and then you’d push them back down until one day everything ruptures like a volcano. You can no longer ignore your restlessness that something has to change. We don’t welcomes these moments – they make us feel uncomfortable and unsettled because it crashes into the path we’re so comfortable with.

These defining moments happen because it’s then that we are forced to listen to the little nagging voice inside us. Knowing that a decision must be made to do something differently or to let go of something that’s holding us back from stepping into a new chapter of life.

Don’t wait for a crisis to hit to embrace a turning point. Find the courage to break down the wall that stands between you and that relentless yearning that something great is waiting for you on the other side.