Distractions Please forgive me, for I have been very lazy. Its been two weeks since my last post. I accuse myself of finding comfort in mindless distractions.

While drudging my way through an unavoidable “family” distraction – I found solace in getting lost in “time wasting” distractions that take me away from my commitments and goals. So instead of making time for writing and other things that I need to focus on, I’d spend all my spare time watching TV, surfing the Internet – chasing after celebrity gossip, chatting online, texting and Skyping family and friends. I was doing whatever I could to avoid doing the things that required discipline, focus and concentration.

In no time I was sinking further and further in the black hole of “wasting precious time” and the more I played into it – the harder it was to pull myself out. At the end of each day, I’d go to bed feeling like crap because I got NOTHING accomplished – only to fall back in the hole the next day and do it all over again.

Is it a time out or a time waster???

Time wasting distractions clutter our mind and squander precious time – leaving us sidetracked, unproductive and unmotivated. No matter how focused and determined we are – we still let the little attention grabbling things draw our attention away. Pulling focus away from the things that are important.

Indulging in a little mindless distraction is healthy – to take a break from every day stresses. But there’s a fine line between taking a “time out” and “wasting time” – so you have to stay alert and know when to pull back before you get sucked into the black hole of no return.

It’s getting harder and harder to stay focused on the things we say we want to accomplish because there is so much coming at us that it gets in the way. We understand what needs to get done but the doing can be such a chore. By letting time wasting distractions consume you – every aspect of your life can suffer because of it.

There’s no possible way to eliminate all distractions but its so important to find a healthy balance and schedule around them. Don’t let meaningless distractions eat up your precious time that should be used towards chasing after all that you’re meant to do and be…