Turn Fear Off

Turn Fear Off I recently fell into a part-time job that I love, Love, LOVE. A childhood friend and myself are working with local schools to promote education. Our goal is to reach out to adults who have fallen through the cracks after dropping out of middle school or high school – help them overcome their barriers/fears so they can start back on a path of building for a better tomorrow through education.

Our research is done; we have the support from community leaders who will help gather our target audience. So now comes the hard part,..speaking in front of groups of people.

I can no longer hide behind my computer and bang out information, or stay in the comforts of creativity – now that our inspirational power point presentation is ready to be rolled out. Behind the scenes was the easy part but now I have to face and wrestle with my fear of public speaking. Am I scared? YES!!! Will I give in to “believing” the fear-based tales that keep trying to creep into my thoughts?..such as, “you’re going to make a fool of yourself”, “you don’t have what it takes to keep the audience’s attention”. No, because I refuse to let the poison seep in and destroy something that will bring me happiness and help make a difference.

I’m prepared and ready to face what’s in store for me when I get out there to do my first presentation. I will be feeling uncomfortable, anxious, nervous, fidgety, and more than likely stumble over my words as I do the best that I possibly can to get our message out to those who need it.

These fear-based feelings are nothing new to me because I’ve been through it many times before. I acknowledge how I’m feeling and push through it away. These are normal imperfections that come along for the ride every time I venture into unknown territory.

I know that as long as I believe in myself and keep the faith – everything will work out and fall into place.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

If you befriend Mr. Fear and let him be your constant companion, he will always set you up for failure. Every time you get close to making a change in your life – those scary signals always show up…anxiety, nervousness, stress, panic, worry and indecision..and thats when Mr. Fear will make his move. Just when you’re about to take a leap of faith, he will whisper in your ear, “your wasting your time”, “you don’t have what it takes” “we don’t like change – lets just stay where we are..its safe”.

Fear will work its way into your soul, manipulating and crippling you – keeping you frozen in a constant state of indecision. Wrapping himself around you – putting you in a chokehold as you gasp for air, fighting and struggling to get free.

Fear is the enemy – he plays the role of antagonist in the story of your life. Robbing you of happiness and forcing you to stay in mediocrity. He stomps on your confidence making you afraid to begin things, robbing you of your power – destroying ambition and steals your dreams.

Fear stops people from taking so many right paths and causes them to take that all together wrong path.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Conquering fear starts with a choice to be in faith. When you are confident in your faith there’s nothing that can stop you.

So many people today are living in a “just existing” state because they’ve allowed fear to stop them from pursuing their goals/dreams. When faced with something new, its normal to have feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and sometimes feeling downright terrified. It’s part of taking risks –growing, evolving and moving ahead.

If you’re ready to make changes – don’t let fear rob you from opportunities for living a happy and sucessful life. Choose to face your fears and overcome them by having faith and believe that everything will unfold in a positive way…..