Say YES to the small stuff

Say YES to the small stuff I recently watched the movie “Yes Man” starring Jim Carey. He plays a character that lives in his own little world – just existing and habitually saying the word NO to everything. He refuses all invites and isn’t willing to step outside his dull routine – finding himself feeling bored and lonely as he sits home night after night watching TV. His life changes after he attends a “Say YES To Everything” motivational conference. Going to the extreme, he says YES to absolutely everything and everyone who crosses his path. Of course he gets himself into some very funny predicaments but in the end he figured out how to find a healthy balance, which set him on a course to living a richer more fulfilling life.

After watching this movie I got thinking about my own addiction to saying the word NO to the small stuff. Its so easy to stay focused on my goals and what needs to be done in a day that I don’t put much thought into whats actually being asked of me. I now realize that I’m missing out some great opportunities whether it be meeting new people or trying new things. This movie was my wake up call to “say YES to the small stuff”.

Where can YES lead me?

I was in my PJ’s and getting ready to settle in for the night when my sister called to invite me to a seminar that was starting within the next hour. My initial reaction was to say NO – thinking I can’t be bothered getting dressed again and rush out to hear something that I’m not really interested in but then I quickly remembered my self-promise. I said YES to the invite and ended up meeting the person who was put in my path to help take my business to the next level.

Sunday’s are all about me, me, me….a time to reflect and catch up on my reading and writing . After last Sunday’s church service an acquaintance invited me to her house for lunch. Before I decided to commit to “say YES to the small stuff “, I would have politely refused saying that I had errands to do but no sooner did she have the words out of her mouth, I found myself quickly saying YES to the invite. I got to see inside the lives of a wonderful family that provides a safe haven for the neighborhood kids who have no where to go.

YES opens doors…

Saying the word NO can be our safety net as we often prefer to hold on to what we’re already familiar with. Saying NO to the small stuff might not seem like a big deal but we are closing ourselves off from endless opportunities that can change the course of our lives – personally or professionally.

Say YES to attending a social networking group; say YES to a get-together with friends or co-workers; say Yes to joining the neighborhood book club; say YES to the blind date. Say YES to the little stuff – it’s all about taking small steps to see what you can find off the beaten path.