Letting go of Expectations

Letting go of Expectations There used to be mornings when I’d wake up filled with expectations but in a matter of hours I would quickly feel anxiety, frustration, worry and angry because things didn’t go according to my plans.

It was always easy to get upset and frustrated when my expectations didn’t roll out the way I intended them to – only to end up feeling miserable and letting my misery fall on those around me.
Expectations I put on myself was always a struggle, constantly fighting to find a healthy balance. There’s now a strong need to search for some sort of a middle ground.

To not make plans or put expectations on myself feels foreign to me. To let go of the controls makes me feel as if nothing in my life will get done. I fear not ever experiencing that sense of accomplishment when an expectation does work in my favor.

I’m learning that it’s normal and healthy to set expectations but to not beat myself up whenever Life doesn’t follow my plans.

Change of plans…

Living without expectation is not living without a plan – it’s about moving through Life with a good sense and humor when expectations don’t work out – knowing that nobody cares about my plans but me.

Living without expectations is not about being irrational and irresponsible – it’s about being realistic. To let go of expectations doesn’t mean you are abandoning plans for the future – it means that you’re letting things happen and unfold as they may. Giving up trying to control the unseeingly promise of the future.

Living without expectations is taking care of yourself and doing the best you possibly can at this very moment and letting your life unfold, as it will.