Keeping Life in Perspective

Keeping Life in Perspective A few weeks ago I was hit with some devastating news that really took the wind out of my sails. In that moment it felt as if my life came to a screeching halt. The initial shock and anger overwhelmed me as I roamed through the house with my head in the clouds – dazed and in a trance-like-state, wondering how I was going to get through this. I just kept reviewing the scenario over and over in my mind, asking myself, “What went wrong? Why did this happen? Where do I go from here?

Days went by before I was able to wrap my head around the depth of what occurred. And as painful as it may be, I was able to minimize the problem, look at the big picture and say, “Things could have been a lot worse”.

To me, its all about keeping Life in perspective – yes, I have a dilemma hanging over my head and I’m doing my best to get through it but I refuse to let it be my mind’s focus and let it fill my life with doom and gloom.

When one thing is going wrong, I need to keep in mind the many things that are going right in my life. My health is good, my family is safe, I have a healthy and wonderful relationship with my husband, I have great friends, I have a warm and safe house to come home to, I have money to pay my bills…and the list goes on and on.

It can be very easy to let myself be consumed with this one dilemma that tried to spiral me into a dark place but I chose to shift my attention away from the negative and focus only on the positives in my life.