Out of touch with a modern love

modern musicI’v been Blogging for just over a year now and I think its time that I come clean about something. I’ve been hiding a deep dark secret that’s been weighing on me and I think its time that I purge it. I suffer from a prejudice and it really affects how I interact and socialize with a certain group of people.

This narrow-mindedness that I’ve been covering up is “my lost of interest towards modern music”. There I said it!!! Now I can start the healing…

When I’m playing designated driver – chauffeuring my 15-year-old niece and her friends around town – I cringe every time because I know the time has come to “tolerate” something that I despise more than anything – having to listen to their music. Blah!!!

Sure its my car and I could very easily say..hey, hands off my radio..I will play Barry Manilow all I want and there is nothing you can do about it. But I won’t do that to them because I have an image to uphold – being known as the “cool aunt”. It just wouldn’t be good of me to do a smack down on their musical tastes.

For that short time while driving them around, I put “my wants” on the backburner – so they can happily sing at the top of their lungs as Lady Gag Gag is up on bust. I just suffer in silence as my head throbs to the beat of the music. I keep that smile on my face, bob my head and pretend to enjoy the crap.

As they file out of the car, I say my good byes with a smile on my face, as I reach over and CLICK the radio is off. I then drive all the way home in complete and utter silence.

For a person who used to love music, I’ve become a bit of a bore in that department. I welcome the lightning speed of the ever-changing world of technology but I don’t have it in me to take on any new music. I honestly think that part of my brain is full with a flashing neon sign saying “sorry no more vacancy here”.

Back in the day – music was my life. It was my drug of choice and the louder the better. Now, when I’m in the mood to listen to my grooves, it plays in the background like elevator music.

MusicMusic is where the heart is…

Here’s some interesting statistics I dug up – there are anywhere between 27,000 to 35,000 albums/cd’s released each year..and that’s just in the US. (sorry couldn’t find anything more details)

Just think about all the music you heard so far in your life and if you’re over the age of 40 – more than likely you’ve have taken in 10’s of thousands of songs (your music, your parents music, your grandparents music, etc..you get the picture) Not just the songs you like but also the ones that you despised. They are all lodged somewhere in your brain and can be triggered at a moments notice. You might go 30 years and not hear a song – but when it’s played – you will remember it.

I give power to the people who are my age and older who welcome new music in their lives. I’m in awe of those who still go to concerts to see the latest and greatest musical artists and I give praise to the ones who know every word to Lady Gag Gag’s new song.

Sure, I know I’m missing out on some great new bands and wonderful thought provoking songs but I’m sure that anyone worth hearing will survive without my support.

The music must go on but it can continue on without me….

I now leave you with a song called Method of Modern Love by Hall & Oates who I got to see in 1997 at an outdoor concert during one of the worst wind and rainstorms ever. By the end of the concert there were only about 20 of us freaks left. Even though I was soaked to the bone and my make-up closely resembled Alice Cooper’s – it was still worth every penny and raindrop.