There’s a bit of Julia Child inside all of us…

Julia Child The movie Julie & Julia has made an impact my life. It left me with feelings of inspiration and put a spring back in my step. This movie re-ignited a passion in me that was dimmed for some time but Julia Child reached out and saved me.

Through the years, as I flick through TV stations, I would sometimes watch Julie Child’s cooking shows. Not so much because I enjoyed cooking but because she was entertaining and her passion for flavorful food and cooking leaped out from the screen. Her enthusiasm made it easy for me to want to stick around to see what mouthwatering fattening dish she was whisking up.

Well, I still don’t cook but because of her, I appreciate and savor good cuisine and have a tremendous amount of respect for those who are passionate about cooking.

Julia Child’s story of pursuing her love of cooking reminded me that I must never give up and to continue pursuing my own passion no matter what obstacles I face.

Learning that Julia didn’t discover her true calling until she was in her 40’s gave me hope and sent a clear message that we are never too old to discover and follow our dreams.

Your passion is there somewhere…

You know its time to discover your passion when you get a nagging feeling that what you are doing really doesn’t give you fulfillment and meaning anymore. Awareness hits you so hard that it takes your breath away, telling you its time for change.

Don’t be afraid, listen to your inner voice and have faith that everything will unfold the way its suppose to.

There is passion inside all of just need to be “still” long enough to let it catch up to you.