Give the gift of encouragement

In good times or in bad times, we can all use some encouragement.
Give the gift of encouragement Recently a friend of mine told me that she has decided to open her own business. I didn’t waste any time in jumping up and wrapping my arms around her, telling her how happy I am to hear that she is finally taking her passion to the next level and branching out on her own. She’s excited about this new adventure but is also feeling nervous and going through the motions of “what if it fails?” which is normal, but most importantly, she finds comfort in knowing that the people around her care and will always be there to support and encourage her no matter what happens.

Giving encouragement to others when things are going well in their lives should be expected but we should always remember the importance in giving encouragement when someone’s world looks bleak. A word or an act of encouragement has the ability to lift our hearts and our spirits – its like a lifeline on days we feel we are sinking.

The many faces of Encouragement

Speaking. Pleasant words bring healing to the soul. Lift someone by telling how you appreciate a certain quality in them.

Writing. Send a note – doesn’t have to be lengthy. Just saying “I care” or “I’m praying” will mean so much to someone who is lonely, grieving, or discouraged about wayward family members, unemployment, or health issues.

Presence. Even when we don’t know what to say, just being there encourages.

A Touch. There is scientific proof about the positive effects of touch–from a light touch on the forearm to a tight hug can communicate that you care.

Helping. Helpers are everywhere and use their ordinary skills to encourage others. From doing odd jobs around a home to taking someone to a doctor’s appointment. We can all lend a hand when someone needs assistance.

Giving. “Givers” recognize situations where time, money, food, clothing can lift spirits. It can be as simple as giving someone a bouquet of flowers from your own yard.

Hospitality. Welcome someone in need into your home by simply providing a meal or bed for someone who is stuck.

Power of Praying. We can always offer our prayers. Prayer gives hope, courage and comfort to those who are in dispair.

No matter the circumstances, it’s never too late to give encouragement. Often all the encouragement people need is the knowledge that someone believes in them.