Make Up Can Be A Girls’ Best Friend

Make Up Can Be A Girls’ Best Friend

**above photo used isn’t my creation..just added for a chuckle**

I’m not overly proud of this, but I’ve been wearing make-up since I as 13 years old. At the time, it was my way of covering up how I was feeling inside about my acne problem and low self-esteem. I thought by wearing foundation it would some how magically make my inflamed pimples disappear.

Years later, while reminiscing about the past with my brother Paul, I come to find out that I actually looked like a clown in those early days. He told me that all he could see was this dark circle around my face and jaw-line. In his words “I looked like I was wearing a mask.” At the time, I didn’t know the importance of “blending and matching foundation to my skin tone. Paul not telling me at the time, I guess was his way of having a big ole’ laugh at my expense.

During my years as a make up artist I was fortunate enough to work in the entertainment but my most favorite clients were ”regular folks” who didn’t have much experience with make up and wanted to look glamorous for special events. I remember one customer who was in her mid-40’s who came to see me because she wanted to look hot for her date. She never wore make up before and I knew instinctively to keep her look somewhat simple with a hint of glamor. After I finished, she looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how she looked but more importantly, how she felt.
She called me the next day to tell me that her date was a hit and that she was surprised to see that other men at the restaurant/bar were checking her out. She felt like a movie star.

Know When To Keep It Simple and When To Do It Diva Style

Diva StyleSize up your setting before you get started. Ask yourself “When” (day or night), “Where” (type of event), “What” (wearing – casual or formal) and “How” (keep it simple or go diva).
Your make-up should reflect your personality and the industry you work in. Splurge on a “high end-good quality foundation” that matches your skin tone. By doing so, you won’t have to spend a fortune on the rest of make-up collection. Using a good quality foundation is the secret to making your skin look flawless. It will make even the cheapest pressed powders, blushes and eye shadows appear high end and polished.

· Use a sponge to get best coverage – take time to blend down below your jaw-line and close into your hairline.
· Natural light is best when applying make-up, as it will give you a true measurement of balance and good coverage.
· Play Up Your Best Feature – whether it would be your eyes, cheeks or lips. Ensure you give all three areas good coverage but really put emphasis on one feature only. Stay away from over emphasizing all three areas as this will come across as overpowering and make you look older.

What You Should Have In Your Bag Of Goodies:

foundation, concealer, pressed powder, quality brushes, multiple shades of eye shadows, black and brown eye liner, bronzer (can be used for blush and eye shadow), black mascara, multiple shades of lip-gloss and or lipsticks

One more little tidbit for a flawless face:
Well-groomed eye-brows is important for adding symmetry to your face. When groomed and penciled correctly, they will make your eyes pop and give you more of a youthful look.

Recommended Foundation Brands:
Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Bare Perfection Make-up with SPF 8.
Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Plump Perfect Make-up with SPF 15 (great for mature skin)
Estee Lauder – Double Wear light – SPF 10
Laura Mercier – Oil Free Foundation

These are just some of the selections of high quality foundations that I’ve used and like. Most cosmetic counters carry samples and/or will test the foundation on your skin to ensure correct match and feel. I strongly suggest you take advantage of this before you make a purchase.

And ladies, don’t forget to blend, blend and blend some more….