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passing judgementWith her out-of-control salt and pepper dated hairstyle and caterpillar like eyebrows – Susan Boyle, the spunky little Scottish firecracker, defied the odds against her and made the world take notice. It wasn’t her intention to force society to ponder the question “why are we so quick to make judgment?”

This 47-year-old matronly woman, who has never been kissed, is no stranger to having people laugh and make fun of her. In school she struggled with a learning disability and was abused and teased by her classmates. Reportedly, the scars of their comments remain to this day. And instead of getting married and having children, she committed her life to caring for her parents until their death and she now lives alone with her cat, Pebbles. She longed to be a singer and somehow found the strength and courage to go after her dreams and audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Since then, there has been well over 80 million hits to several you-tube videos that show her singing “I dreamed a dream”. One video pans the audience and judges reaction as she walks out on stage. The snickering, eye rolling and obvious distaste towards her quickly turned to praise and admiration as soon as she opened her mouth and filled the air with her purity. Instantaneously, everyone and everything – changed. (more…)

yourself From time to time, we all get the feeling of being overwhelmed – even when life is good. While I relish my independence, and pride myself on my strength and dignity, the stresses and strains of everyday ups and downs can take its toll and every once in a while I just need to let it all out and allow myself to have a good cry.

After experiencing a tough and frustrating week, I found myself feeling restless and overwhelmed. I knew I was upset, but I couldn’t seem to express it. I was sitting on my couch watching an Oprah flashback moment as she did a tribute to little Mattie Stepanek who is no longer with us. There it came, out of nowhere, the floodgates opened and I sobbed uncontrollable. I was ready for it and I just let it take its course. I felt so much better after my sob fest – the release was worth the red nose and puffy eyes that hung on for the rest of the day. (more…)

In good times or in bad times, we can all use some encouragement.
Give the gift of encouragement Recently a friend of mine told me that she has decided to open her own business. I didn’t waste any time in jumping up and wrapping my arms around her, telling her how happy I am to hear that she is finally taking her passion to the next level and branching out on her own. She’s excited about this new adventure but is also feeling nervous and going through the motions of “what if it fails?” which is normal, but most importantly, she finds comfort in knowing that the people around her care and will always be there to support and encourage her no matter what happens. (more…)

Think before you speak I’m sure at one time or another you’ve been put in your place because of something you said that wasn’t well received and the words “think before you speak” were left ringing in your ears.

We might walk away from an experience with our tail between our legs feeling a bit remorseful for hurting someone’s feelings but do you ever really take the time to understand what “think before you speak” truly means? (more…)

Julia Child The movie Julie & Julia has made an impact my life. It left me with feelings of inspiration and put a spring back in my step. This movie re-ignited a passion in me that was dimmed for some time but Julia Child reached out and saved me.

Through the years, as I flick through TV stations, I would sometimes watch Julie Child’s cooking shows. Not so much because I enjoyed cooking but because she was entertaining and her passion for flavorful food and cooking leaped out from the screen. Her enthusiasm made it easy for me to want to stick around to see what mouthwatering fattening dish she was whisking up. (more…)

Life Saving Gifts I wish to share a true and personal story that a friend’s mother recently wrote. She is an organ recipient. My mission in posting this message is to bring awareness to the importance of organ donations. As delicate as this topic is – it is a necessary discussion that we should have with our “mature” family members.

My personal connection with organ donation is – if it weren’t for a donor, my husband’s grandson, Sean would not be with us today. A young man’s sudden and unexpected passing saved five lives. We are forever grateful to his family for passing on the gifts of life. (more…)

Making a difference by being present A few months ago a woman in my community rang in her 90th birthday by leaping out of an airplane. Three generations of her family also took the plunge with her that day. It was her intention to do two things to celebrate her birthday. To create a memory that her family will never forget and to also raise awareness for a cause that she is passionate about. In the weeks leading up to the big day, Olive raised $2,500.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. (more…)

modern musicI’v been Blogging for just over a year now and I think its time that I come clean about something. I’ve been hiding a deep dark secret that’s been weighing on me and I think its time that I purge it. I suffer from a prejudice and it really affects how I interact and socialize with a certain group of people.

This narrow-mindedness that I’ve been covering up is “my lost of interest towards modern music”. There I said it!!! Now I can start the healing…

When I’m playing designated driver – chauffeuring my 15-year-old niece and her friends around town – I cringe every time because I know the time has come to “tolerate” something that I despise more than anything – having to listen to their music. Blah!!! (more…)

Its time for a PEP talk Every morning I start my day with a “PEP talk”. The conversations I have with myself are full of Passion, Enthusiasm and Perseverance.
These daily “self-talk” are important because they keep me grounded and focused on the important things in my Life. Giving thanks for all that is good; they keep my thoughts in line – defending me against the negatives that try to tackle me; and they tell me to to keep striving – to make the necessary changes within so I will always be a winner in the game of Life.
Most days, I manage to plow my way through with feelings of peppiness but there are some days when I feel completely defeated and at a loss. (more…)

Keeping Life in Perspective A few weeks ago I was hit with some devastating news that really took the wind out of my sails. In that moment it felt as if my life came to a screeching halt. The initial shock and anger overwhelmed me as I roamed through the house with my head in the clouds – dazed and in a trance-like-state, wondering how I was going to get through this. I just kept reviewing the scenario over and over in my mind, asking myself, “What went wrong? Why did this happen? Where do I go from here? (more…)